SSI & Disability Advocates Office of
Lance Wallach
The SSI & Disability offices of Lance Wallach provide advocacy to people
in all 50 states who need help securing the SSI Social Security benefits
and Disability benefits they are entitled to receive from the government.
Lance Wallach's office is
nationally recognized as
experts in retirement,
pension & health care
issues facing many
Americans with
disabilities that prevent
them from working.

Mr. Wallach and his
team of highly
experienced lawyers,
pension experts &
health care
professionals can help
you obtain the SSI and
Disability benefits that
you are entitled to!
About us:
Disability Conditions the SSA will evaluate:
Let our experts file the
complicated application
paperwork for you so you
have the best chance at
obtaining the benefits you

If you filed for SSI or
Disability by yourself and
your application was
denied, our office can
appeal that decision so you
get your benefits.
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  • Disorders of the
    musculoskeletal system, such
    as joint, bone and spine

  • Disorders of Speech, Vision and

  • Respiratory disorders such as
    Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, and
    many other lung conditions.

  • cardiovascular impairment
    disorders that affects the proper
    functioning of the heart or the
    circulatory system (that is,
    arteries, veins, capillaries, and
    the lymphatic drainage).

  • Disorders of the digestive
    system include gastrointestinal
    hemorrhage, hepatic (liver)
    dysfunction, inflammatory
    bowel disease, short bowel
    syndrome, and malnutrition.
genitourinary impairments
resulting from chronic renal  

  • Hematological Disorders (blood
    cell related conditions)

  • Skin disorders such as
    dermatitis or burns

  • Endocrine disorders such as
    Thyroid conditions

  • Down syndrome conditions

  • Neurological disorders such as
    Multiple sclerosis

  • Mental disorders such as
    schizophrenia, anxiety-related
    disorders, mental retardation,
    Affective disorders
    characterized by a disturbance
    of mood, accompanied by a full
    or partial manic or depressive
    syndrome; Personality
    disorders, Substance addiction
    disorders; and others as well.

  • Malignant Neoplastic Diseases
    such as Lymphoma, Luekemia,
    and other cancerous conditions.

  • Immune System Disorders such
    as HIV, Imflammatory arthritis,
    Systemic sclerosis
    (scleroderma), and others.