Whether you're looking to buy, sell or merge an
accounting or tax practice, the Lance Wallach
network has the experience, the connections,
the professional credentials, and the marketing
team to make your deal a reality!
The Offices of Lance Wallach :
"America's leading
Accounting Practice Sales
Network "
  • Confidential practice transfers
  • Valuation consulting
  • Access to our listings of practices on the
  • Professional Marketing campaigns to get your
    practice sold!
  • Access to the proprietary accounting firm
    database of Lance Wallach.  
  • Closing assistance with our legal department.
  • Financing options
  • Practice building advertising programs  
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About Lance Wallach:

Lance Wallach, Managing
Director, is one of the
nations leading authorities
on Professional Practice

* Mr. Wallach is a member
of the AICPA faculty of
teaching professionals & a
renowned national
expert in many court cases.

* Mr. Wallach has been
providing consulting
services to accounting firms
for the past 25 years!

* He is the author of many
best selling accounting &
law books, including:

*  "Wealth Preservation
Planning" by the National
Society of Accountants
* "The CPA's Guide to
Federal & Estate Gift
Taxation" published by Bisk
* The AICPA's "The team
approach to Tax,
Financial & Estate
* "The CPA's Guide to Life
Insurance" by Bisk
* Avoiding Circular 230
Malpractice Traps and
Common Abusive Small
Businesss Hot spots by
the AICPA,
author/moderator Lance
The Lance Wallach's advantage is credibility & trust !!

Unlike many firms offering practice brokerage
services, they have not been intimately engaged in
the accounting profession like Lance Wallach's team!

For the past 25 years, when CPAs and Tax
professionals have needed help, they have turned to
Lance Wallach and his team for assistance!

Many practice brokerage firms are run by principals
who might have recently been plumbers, waiters or
telemarketers! These firms do not have the personal
experience, knowledge nor the industry connections
that the Lance Wallach network possesses.
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